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Spearheaded Blue Label Umami's digital commerce strategy, ensuring a multi-channel presence and global media plan alignment. Central to the project, covering strategy, channel activation, and asset adaptation.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Blue Label “Elusive Umami”

Case Study:


As an exclusive limited-edition product, Johnnie Walker sought to launch “Elusive Umami” in collaboration with the award-winning chef Kai Kobayashi as a luxury bottling capturing the rare and unique taste of umami. The Johnnie Walker Global Brand Team partnered with Precious to forge a digital strategy and craft associated assets designed to captivate discerning whisky aficionados around the globe. This initiative focused on those with a palate for the extraordinary, aiming to resonate with connoisseurs who would appreciate the unique character and premium quality of their select bottle.


The campaign was meticulously designed to elevate the market presence and stir consumer engagement for Elusive Umami whisky. With a strategic focus on major retailers, the initiative sought to entice exploration and contemplation among whisky enthusiasts. The endeavor was set to ensure the exclusive, limited-edition bottles were recognised not just for their price but as a collectible embodiment of craftsmanship and flavor.


The strategy led to increased traffic and engagement on retailer websites, improved ease of finding and purchasing the product, and elevated brand perception, drawing in new customers and reinforcing the brand's innovative image.

Image by Noita Digital

Lessons Learned & Next Steps

Key takeaways include the significance of content that articulates the luxury credentials of the product, an exclusive, yet seamless shopper-journey and the leveraging of new eCommerce platforms and technology that allows for Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO) of campaign assets combined with micro-targeting of specific global audiences


PRECIOUS developed a comprehensive digital campaign encompassing optimisation of product detail pages on retailer websites with high-quality visuals and content, creation of interactive shoppable features to enhance navigation and information accessibility, utilisation of external platforms to enable digital discovery and purchase, and precision media planning advice to maximise the campaign’s impact

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