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Partnered with McLaren F1 to boost APAC region visibility and brand affinity through targeted digital content and media. Central to enhancing brand love and visibility in key markets.

Hilton Hotels x Mclaren F1

Hilton x McLaren F1

Case Study:


For the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2023 activation, Hilton APAC wanted to amplify its sponsorship of the McLaren Formula 1 team by leveraging access to the team’s new Australian driver, Oscar Piastri and carefully target a global audience of F1 fans that are not aware of Hilton’s long association with the sport.


The task was to translate Hilton messaging into an entertaining, topical story that would bring Hilton’s “THE STAY” brand campaign to life and reach a large audience across as many digital media outlets as possible with minimal paid media budget.


PRECIOUS brought to life Hilton’s McLaren partnership by filming with Oscar Piastri in the week of the race and producing multiple pieces of short-form content that connected Hilton, hospitality and F1 and were suitable for TV broadcast (as editorial content) on F1 rights-holding networks as well as placed on sports and lifestyle digital media platforms around the world.


The strategy achieved a remarkable level of visibility, with multiple Formula 1 television networks featuring the content prominently during the Grand Prix. This exposure brought Hilton's message into the living rooms of a vast audience, greatly enhancing the media value of the campaign. A substantial volume of digital news placements significantly expanded Hilton’s reach, allowing the brand to connect with an even wider audience across various digital platforms.

Lessons Learned & Next Steps

Carefully calibrating the level of Hilton exposure and messaging to align with what media owners and audiences will tolerate taught us that huge brand exposure can be generated for clients, if the content is engaging and the audience is interested. 

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