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Conducted a content audit and designed/optimised the Amazon Brand store, enhancing product detail page rankings. Central to content strategy, store optimisation, and media plan support for improved visibility.


Revamping Domestos Amazon Brand Store

Case Study:


Domestos, Unilever’s leading disinfectant brand, faced challenges with its outdated Amazon Brand Store. With poor visuals, inaccurate information, and out-of-stock ASINs, the store contributed to lost sales on a key customer platform. To address these issues and drive growth, Domestos partnered with PRECIOUS’ digital commerce team to redevelop its Amazon strategy and presentation.


PRECIOUS developed a completely new look for Domestos to overhaul the Amazon Brand Store and meet recognised ‘Best in Class’ global standards, enhancing customer engagement and the sales potential through an optimised brand presentation.


The strategy included a full market audit, strategic planning for store architecture, creative development to align with Amazon's specifications, and meticulous store development with high-fidelity wireframes and asset adaptation. Finally, the process culminated in integrating the store with Unilever’s overall eCommerce ecosystems and infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and optimised brand presence.


The revamped store showcased consistent, high-quality visuals and information, leading to a stronger brand image, better product discoverability, increased customer engagement through educational content, and streamlined purchasing processes.

Lessons Learned & Next Steps

Key lessons included the value of data-driven insights for strategic alignment, the necessity of a clear plan for a cohesive store experience, the importance of brand standards for integrity, and the effectiveness of collaboration with Amazon for successful implementation.

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