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Executed a content strategy across all digital platforms for Eurovision 2023, ensuring amplified and consistent brand presence. Central to strategy, execution, and post-event insights.


Baileys & Eurovision Song Contest - Digital Activation

Case Study:


Baileys, the renowned cream liqueur brand synonymous with luxurious indulgence and celebratory inclusivity, sought to enhance its cultural resonance and brand salience. Identifying the Eurovision Song Contest, with its broad appeal and celebration of diversity, as an ideal platform, Baileys aimed to leverage this vibrant event to deepen its connection with a global audience.


To capitalise on the Eurovision's widespread popularity, PRECIOUS was tasked with augmenting Baileys' digital footprint. This included formulating an eCommerce strategy tied to the Eurovision collaboration, generating compelling digital content, creating robust digital assets, and offering market support to reinforce brand recognition and consumer engagement.


The strategy crafted by PRECIOUS was anchored in data-driven insights, focusing on the creation of dynamic eCommerce solutions, benchmark-driven performance analysis, the production of captivating digital assets and Eurovision-centric narratives, the establishment of dedicated brand landing pages, the integration of CRM to streamline customer interactions, and harmonised efforts across international markets to ensure a synchronized campaign rollout.


The comprehensive approach yielded a surge in web traffic, elevated conversion metrics, a boost in social media interactivity, and an overarching triumph in market reach, surpassing the set objectives for brand engagement and awareness.

Lessons Learned

The success of the initiative illuminated the power of strategic alignments, the utility of granular data analysis, the efficacy of content targeting, and the critical nature of cross-collaborative ventures with partners and global teams in driving marketing excellence.

Next Steps:

Building on this success, PRECIOUS continues to support Baileys with optimised digital marketing strategies and exploring new opportunities for partnerships and innovative campaign approaches.

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