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Amazon Brand Stores - What Are They and Why They Matter For Your Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Amazon has become a channel that can’t be ignored for brands, both large and small:

  • Amazon had a market share of more than 30% of the UK’s eCommerce market in 2019 and is only set to grow further (Source: Asciental)

  • There are over 5 million marketplace sellers across all Amazon marketplaces, selling a cumulative total in excess of $160 billion worth of goods in 2018 alone (Source: Amazon)

  • Almost 90% of UK online shoppers use Amazon (Source: Mintel)

  • 70% of Brits say Amazon is the first online retailer they go on (Source: Mintel)

Brand Amazon strategy to date has been highly conversion driven, focused on lower funnel activity such as paid search advertising combined with carefully crafted information on product pages.

As Amazon’s ad business continues to mature, we’re increasingly seeing brands run awareness and storytelling campaigns with Amazon - delivering phenomenal results.

One of the best tools available for brands selling on Amazon are the Brand Stores feature. Stores give you the opportunity to build your brand on the world’s most popular marketplace.

What are Amazon Stores?

Brand stores are a feature available for all Amazon sellers and vendors that lets you create your own branded store on Amazon showcasing your collection of products.

Think of it as your very own store within the world’s most popular online marketplace.

Here are just some of our ‘best in class’ Amazon Brand Stores:

Brand stores give you the opportunity to implement your own brand ‘look and feel’ and communicate key messaging all within the Amazon environment. While store features are still fairly rudimentary (compared to brand owned websites), Amazon continually roll-out new features.

We're seeing more brands set up Amazon Brand Stores but most are only scratching the surface when it comes to activating them effectively. Brands who think that merely having a store set up will deliver growth in sales can prepare for disappointment.

Effective use of the Amazon stores combines carefully crafted brand storytelling content with effective media strategy.

Why is Having an Amazon Brand Store Important?

Building Brand Credibility

  • Brand Stores give you the opportunity to tell your brand story in a media rich yet Amazon-friendly format.

  • This helps drive brand awareness and loyalty, delivering brand credibility for sustainable improvements in long term sales.

Showcase Your Product Range

  • Brand Stores give you the opportunity to showcase product ranges together in a branded environment.

  • Selling different flavours of tonic water? Range of specialty nuts? The store can display your entire range of products in a media rich environment.

Mobile Optimised

  • Amazon mobile app users generate nearly 85% of all mobile minutes spent with Amazon, a number only set to grow.

  • Brand Stores can be optimised for mobile devices, making your products look as beautiful as they would on a desktop screen.

Dedicated Landing Page Activation

  • Want to run an Amazon campaign but don’t have the budget to meet Amazon’s £10K minimum media for custom landing pages? Brand Stores are your answer.

  • Best in class Brand Stores have separate landing pages to direct campaign traffic, however big or small your media investment may be.

How do Brand Stores fit into your Marketing Strategy? - The ‘Always-On’ Strategy

At PRECIOUS, we recommend an ‘Always-On’ approach to activating Amazon Brand Stores. Just like any eCommerce site, the store should be continually updated and optimised to drive year-round revenue.

We have advised and implemented this with our clients to deliver phenomenal results - we delivered a Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of over 3 and sold over 30,000 sales in a recent campaign (Amazon average of 0.2).

Different Content (Landing Pages) for Different Consumers

  • We recommend brands to continuously feed the marketing funnel as Amazon customers require multiple touch points before purchase.

  • This is where your brand store can be deployed to great use - with different landing pages for different consumers.

  • Store traffic will vary in terms of where they are in the customer journey - campaigns focused on brand awareness should land on store pages that inspire purchase while customers landing from Amazon search campaigns should be shown products to drive conversion.

Occasion Led Activity

  • Tapping into cultural and seasonal events in the calendar year helps keep your brand store relevant and aligned with your overall brand communication activity.

  • Amazon themselves push key events around the year such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Prime Day, Black Friday and Christmas which can lead to phenomenal results

  • One of our highest ever performing Amazon campaigns came over the Black Friday and Christmas period, delivering a ROAS of 3.4, with over £2.6M in sales (Amazon average of 0.2).

‘Closing the gap between Content and Sales’ - Brand Storytelling

  • Amazon is now more than just an eCommerce site focused on sales, it is a key media player that has the capability to drive large scale brand awareness - and Amazon Brand Stores are an ideal platform to house branded content.

  • We did exactly this with one of our food and drink clients and delivered over £1M sales with a ROAS of 1.7 (Amazon average of 0.2).

  • Housing content on stores allows consumers to browse and be inspired by the content, but also the ability to directly purchase - making it easier for consumers than ever.

Need Help Building Your Brand Store?

Amazon Brand Stores can deliver phenomenal value for your brand but this takes more than merely setting up a brand store. The best performing Amazon Stores are integrated with brand marketing campaigns, nurturing customers to purchase.

PRECIOUS is a content marketing and digital eCommerce agency that helps brands use content to improve sales.

Get in touch with us and let our team of specialists work with you on developing your Amazon strategy.

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