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Precious Media owns and operates two Chinese entertainment platforms, OMG! and CUJU, which each deliver different kinds of content, covering entertainment and football for tech savvy Chinese audience. 


These platforms connect people from the United Kingdom and China and allows people from both regions to connect through cultural exchange, common interests, entertainment, and sports! Both platforms provide weekly content that reaches millions of viewers, with a staff of over 10 production specialists and free-lancers operating from both Beijing and London.

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OMG! is China’s largest Western-owned video channel. With an experienced team of production staff and presenters, OMG! produces light-hearted videos, showcasing the differences between Chinese and Western culture. The Channel has 2 million subscribers and 1 billion aggregate views and every week 7-10 million people watch the OMG! content. Alongside operating the channel, the OMG! team also supports a portfolio of western brands, delivering digital content strategies and solutions in China.

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CUJU is a revolutionary omni-channel platform which is created specifically for Chinese football fans. Going behind the scenes, onto the pitch and into the dugout, CUJU delivers its audience a unique inside view to all the action in the English Premier League and beyond. CUJU speaks to the Chinese audience in their language, delivering Chinese relevant content from across Europe and China and creating a cultural bridge between the East and West through the ‘international language’ of football.

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digital IN CHINA

We build global brands in China and beyond helping to connect, engage and evolve.

Through our knowledge and experience we are able to make the human connection between brands and their target audience.


To find out how we can open your launch your brand in China utilising our digital services and communities, contact us today.